UX to improve SEO

Search engine optimization can increase your site traffic undoubtedly, but what if leads are not getting converted in to customers? All efforts taken for seo going waste? Wait, for moment, ask questions yourself.

  1. Are they getting right direction to navigate on pages.
  2. Will they return back to your site?
  3. Will they share or provide your reference to other users.

Imagine, Any good agent brings users close to doors.

User asks, “where is door? How I can open it? “. And he simply goes to find another agent.  Here, agent is SEO and door is the user experience.

We need to make partnership between seo and ux, both should be smart and work together to get the traffic and maximize customers.

Seo expect to have good “average time on page” UI with good UX increase this possibility. Good ux gives easy direction to find other info what user is looking for, increase return visitors and force users mind and heart as well to share it on social media.

SEO experts should also discuss on user experience. As I said in previous article, ux is not only belongs to ui but it also belongs to Development and seo as well.

They may be thinking, “why i should be a part if it instead working on good keywords, backlinkings?”. Pls, read example explained initially of this topic once again.

Both are never ending process. User designer also need time to experiment as both are experts buy not the actual users. Ux guy keep observing the interaction with the users and keep updating analytical statistics. Ab testing is the good way to analyse and get this reports to analysis and keep away from guesswork with two different designs. It includes changes in font size, tag line content and color etc..   …..  can help to make faster changes in designs.  Applications like Hotstar provides the actual click impressions through gui and gives proper report.

Invest some time to read Ux articles. You can find Very small but effective points. Few of them are here.

  1. Use different image sizes as per the screen sizes specially for desktop, tabs and mobiles. One image in different sizes in one etc is possible  using src set method in HTML
  2. Don’t use shutterstock images. You can see the actual office images on sites now a days. It build trust.
  3. Load time is very important factor. You have taken lot of efforts to bring user on site and site is loading expect loading circle. User will hit another or back tab y find another vendor
  4. Call to action : you should give right path to the user to move from user to customers. Wait and play around different sites. 

Include ux designer in your team to understand the possible ways to gain the results. May be he is expensive but it’s worth.

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