AB Testing – improve conversions

We must have seen two different homepages for one site. Or how we can assure that the design you created is effective and gives very good conversions?

When we start design any website or brand, creates many options with different shapes, different colors, different sizes and so to get desired output. But what we like may not make impression on others. We can show it to others, third users or testers, but 10 – 15 users also may not give you assurity of many users around the world. Designers can think, use his observations or experience to make the website better but at the end he should check the response from the actual users only. Here, AB test comes in the picture.

AB testing is also known as “split” testing. User gets splits between variant and original designs. Keep These two options over period of time to interact with the peoples. These two different approaches includes

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Taglines
  • Images
  • Placements
  • Colors
  • Typography

This experiment aim to discover whether changing different elements influence the performance of the website. Experimenter make changes in elements, color, few element placements etc for instance and focus on overall conversion rate. With received statistical analysis, he can compare and proceed for future iterations with versions which gives better performance with good conversions rates. Statistical calculations with close eyes are required to prevent from hypothesis results. Minimum or early days are not recommended to understand significant results.

Summary is, this experiment ensures positive results driven by real users and removes guesswork.

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