Less Click Rules

Less clicks is one of the main factor in Usability testing. Everyone wants to use this unofficial “three click rule” or “two tap rule”. But this not gives the actual conversions on the site. It may concerning about main navigation of site or desired flow of the content. In e Commerce website this rule is very harmful, whereas products should be categorized and easy to navigate from homepage to the detailed description of the product with buy option.

Satisfaction with Trust-
One more example is about medicine or health related product site. If designer provide “buy now” button instead “”more info / details” on the listing page where user can see multiple product list. User may not try to hit button to buy that specific product, he will not take risk to buy it without ingredient information. It means user is not satisfy about what he is looking for.

Time vs number of clicks vs speed-
Its logical, no one wants to wait. So if number of clicks are less and site is taking time to load the pages. User will not wait to have single click interaction. Contrary to this, if user takes 3-4 seconds only with 5 number of clicks with easy flow and good ui. It will increase the success rate. Designers can test this, you can ask unknown person to find the specific product or info on the site or application. “AB testing” is the good approach to find these results.

Common paths-
Users are tend to buying the products or eShop now a days. Try to use global logical clicks used in major sites. Designer can improve usability with UI or other good techniques. Here, u need to try to improve efficiency (how quickly user can perform task). Many designers don’t think about descending order paths means how user can return on the design.

Understanding of the number of clicks-
Impact of this issue is two sides If user is not aware of the number of clicks, he may proceed if he think that he has added value and time perform particular thing and try to finish it asap, where as if he is aware of number of clicks and think that it will take time to perform specific action he may not proceed but it depend on number clicks shown. And quality and advantage of content.

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